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john pellazar

John Pellazar

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve had the chance to work with a multitude of digital marketing agencies and freelancers over the years. They were OK, but none of them delivered the same passion, dedication, and, in the end, RESULTS. I’m talking numbers. Actual numbers that have been pouring into my company ever since I started working with Octal Digital. Not only did they put my business on the digital map, but their design skills and their marketing knowledge actually helped me increase my Conversion Rate like never before. And for that, guys, I cannot be anything but thankful!

marie colbourne

Marie Colbourne

There’s just no other way to describe these people and their enthusiasm. You cannot but trust them when they tell you that they will deliver exactly when you need, what you need, how you need it. Indeed, their passion and their dedication to making me happy as a client were more than flattering. They are an inspiring team I wish to continue working with – not just because of the business relationship between us, but simply because they are amazing to work with. LOVE them to the moon and back!
kim lyons

Kim Lyons

Fitness Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

WOW. Just WOW. Our site has never looked, nor functioned better than it does now. We’ve been in the real estate industry for quite some time now, so we knew exactly what we needed from Octal Digital in terms of brand and what users want to see on our site. Octal Digital came in with the technical know-how of building a website that’s really amazing from every single point of view. In all honesty, we couldn’t have been happier with any other web development agency in Houston. If you have the chance to work with them, do it – you will not be disappointed in any way.
jennifer lipton

Jennifer Lipton

Los Angeles

Octal Digital’s professionalism is stellar. We had just started a small business and my wife and I were kind of lost in this entire digital marketing world (there are so, so many things we really had no idea of!). Our first call with Octal Digital gave us the clarity we needed so much – they created a strategy for our digital marketing and followed it through to the end. Right now, we’re on a retainer basis with them because we simply don’t trust anyone else taking over our SEO, social media and the other recurrent services we need in the digital marketing department. They’re top-notch, they deliver real results, in real time!
mark mcinerney

Mark McInerney


I was reticent to hiring Octal Digital at first, but when I contacted them, they were very happy to show us a portfolio. That convinced us 100% and from the moment we saw what these guys can do, we really had no other doubt about them. Never before have I worked with a team so dedicated and so eager to please, no matter what. In all honesty, the web design they created for us works like magic: it looks great, it focuses on UX experience, and it’s just what we wanted for our brand. Five stars, guys, you really are amazing!
alan wheaton

Alan Wheaton


Guys, you blew us off, really. We couldn’t have found a better digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. Not only were you patient with our complete lack of technical knowledge, but you delivered the results we were actually aiming for. Your PPC and SEO services are just plain and simply the best – we have tripled our revenue since we started working with you one year ago, and we are more than positive that our future collaborations will be just as fruitful. Thank you for being amazing, talented, professional, and absolutely dedicated to making sure we meet our digital marketing KPIs.
mo al

Mo Al

Marketer, Dubai

These guys have really, really delivered every single thing they promised. My small eCommerce site was struggling on the third page of Google just a few months ago – but after discussing with the Octal Digital representatives, I realized I need more than just SEO from them. Together, we put together a digital marketing plan that included a UX-friendly website redesign, a series of PPC campaigns, and updating my site’s SEO to the latest good practices. Slowly, but steadily, I started to see results – and we’re now landing in the first 4 results for the majority of the keyword we were aiming for.
denise saverio

Denise Saverio

Business Owner, Los Angeles

We started working with Octal Digital six months ago and ever since then, our sales have increased exponentially. These guys are the real deal – they are real specialists in what they do, and they do it right on time. But even more than that, they’re just awesome people to work with – they take everything with the utmost seriousness, but they are always (and I mean ALWAYS) positive. I truly think that’s a great asset- working with them just gave us the self-confidence we needed as a small business just starting out and we will be forever thankful for that. Highly recommended, really!
mark dante

Mark Dante

CEO, Boston

Initially, we wanted to hire them just for a website redesign for our Houston ecommerce business, but we ended up purchasing SEO services and Social Media services as well. Right now, they’re working on our local SEO and we’re more than certain they will succeed in this task as well. I really don’t have enough words of gratitude for them and what they do – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!