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What is iOS

iOS known as iPhone Operating System is the process of making mobile applications specifically for Apple hardware which includes iPhones, iPad, iWatch, and Apple Tv. developing an iPhone Application requires proficiency in Swift Programming Language or Objective-C which is then deployed to Apple App Store for users to download.

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Custom iPhone application development company

At Octal Digital, we believe in developing iPhone apps that are not only easy to use but appealing and intuitive. Our professional team of expert iOS developers uses their diverse set of problem skills of experience with the latest technology framework to make an iPhone app that will not only stand out from other iPhone applications but will also rank high on the Apple App Store.

We build Customized iPhone and iPad Apps
for Companies and Agencies

Octal Digital is an innovative iOS app development company that believes design matters and
experience matters and develops native applications for iPhone, Apple TV, iWatch, and iPod.

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Categories of iOS Application Development Services

Building customized iPhone applications where we offer premium iOS Application development services for startups and businesses.

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iOS Application Development Company,
Portfolio of Industries we have worked in

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Award-Winning iPhone App Developers & Designers

We are a team of excellent experienced product designers, strategists,
and Engineers recognized globally providing iPhone App Development
services as one of the tops iOS app development company

Design is not just what it looks like and
feels like. Design is how it works.

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Why iOS Application Development?

iOS Application development has been making waves in the industry for a long time because of its extensive developer resources available online. The standardization, functionality, and consistency of iOS App development have made iPhone application development a premium choice for startups and businesses.

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Apple has always been known for its minimal product design and consistent system that never compromised on the quality of iPhone application development with strict rules and regulations because of the demanding design guidelines, iOS developers are now made to make design inherit the same distinctive look.

iOS App Development

Understanding why

Understanding the requirements and scope of the work with business, technical, operational, and financial models is one of the key things for laying the foundation for the best product to be built.


Analyzing all the information we got from you. Our android developers will research deeply into the complexities of the project to make sure every attribute of the application is crystal clear and technically possible to be executed.

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Assigning task to experts

At Octal Digital, we have a wide range of excellent android engineers who can make a plan to professionally execute your product with the right skill to meet the unique requirements of the project.

Delivering the Masterpiece

deliver the masterpiece android application to you. We’ll make sure it has gone through quality assurance and testing before launching and we’ll be there if you need any maintenance, support, or upgrade.

Why hire an iOS Application Development Agency?

An iPhone App Development Company You Can Trust

Over the past few years, Octal Digital has been making waves in the iPhone Application Development industry with expert iOS Engineers and Designers for building iOS Native Applications with scalability and sustainability. We are an award-winning iOS app development agency recognized as the global leader and experts in leverages the power of Apple’s iOS platform to build stunning products that are both engaging and monetizable for future possibilities.

Our Agile methodology enables our design and development iOS experts to build a sustainable strategy to integrate with the expert team to rapidly prototype a project during our proven design methods that ultimately help us launch a different and unique product.

How Much Does iOS App Development Cost?

A basic iOS application will cost around $30,000 to $5000 which will have basic functionalities and features with a good iOS app developers team. The more complex the iOS application becomes, the greater it will cost. iOS app development cost really depends on the company and its expertise. New companies with novice iOS application developers might charge you less while industry leader companies might charge a little higher for their dedicated and professional work. Since a lot of companies are now involved in iOS application development, it’s not only hard to standardize but it’s also hard to choose the right company to develop your iOS application.

If you’re curious in nature and have ideas, but feel reluctant to discuss them. We are here to hear your ideas and quote you with the best market-competitive iOS app development cost to fulfill your idea into a new reality.

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iOS App Maintenance & Support

Our iOS application development agency believes in providing efficient and result-driven support and maintenance solutions even after the completion of the project and provides expert solutions.

Most of the masterpiece Android Applications require complex code and User interface that makes it stand out from its competitors but depending on the number of users and new feature update, the application can go through some performance issues. Our iOS app developers can help your application to retain speed and be market competitive to achieve consistent app performance and keep the daily engaging audience of the android application.

We offer.

We develop bug-free and tested iPhone app

We deliver iPhone apps that are not only bug-free but
test-driven ready-to-use iPhone applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our iOS development company After confirmation of the project, the first step is to sign an NDA, to keep the idea and code confidential.
After the project completion, 100% ownership of the iOS mobile application is allotted to the respective client.
Our iOS development agency uses Asana and Jira as our standard project management tools for transparency until your project is completed.
iOS development company will assist you in uploading the iOS application to the play store with proper development agile practices.
Depending on the situation, our iOS application development agency will assist you in providing a solution if necessary.
Yes, our iOS development agency offers 3 months of support, if you face any technical issue or maintenance issue. Feel free to reach out to our support and maintenance team?
Our iphone app developers work on both Swift and Objective-C but prefer the latest Swift as it offers greater flexibility, smaller app size, and quality code.
Yes, our core iphone app developers develop iOS apps that work seamlessly on the latest version of iPhone devices (XR, XS & XS Max).
There is no fixed cost. The iPhone app development cost depends on many factors including functionality, features, use of visuals, development hours, team strength, etc. It could be built for under $10,000 and there is no higher limit.
A)Yes, we develop robust and scalable app back-end along with custom APIs to let you easily manage app data and processes.