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Skills Share is an innovative platform designed to connect individuals eager to share their skills with those seeking to learn and grow. The app facilitates a diverse range of skill-sharing opportunities, covering areas such as technology, arts, business, and more. Our expert mobile app developers were hired for mobile app development services and to develop a future-ready app that offers a dynamic community of learners and mentors, fostering a collaborative environment for skill development.

skillshare - creative classes

Tech Stack


  • React Native for cross-platform mobile application development

  • Redux for state management

  • TypeScript for enhanced code readability and maintainability


  • Node.js for server-side application development

  • Express.js as the web application framework

  • MongoDB as the NoSQL database for efficient data storage

  • GraphQL for optimizing data retrieval and minimizing over-fetching

  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for secure user authentication


  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) for reliable and scalable cloud hosting

  • Docker for containerization, ensuring consistency across various environments

  • NGINX as a reverse proxy for efficient load balancing

Challenges and Solutions

Here is a comprehensive showcase of our iOS and Android app development services approach, which caters to the ever-evolving challenges and delivers the best mobile app development solutions:
A) Scalability: The journey wasn’t without its challenges. As the user community was meant to be burgeoned, the challenge of scalability loomed large. Octal Digital orchestrated a solution – AWS Auto Scaling Groups dynamically adjusted resources, ensuring the show went on without a hitch.
B) Real-time communication: Octal Digital chose WebSockets to weave the magic of instant collaboration, turning the platform into a vibrant, responsive stage for learners and mentors alike.
C) Security: With user data and transactions involved, ensuring robust security measures was paramount. Octal Digital’s expert mobile app developers implemented HTTPS for secure data transit, fortified the platform with JWT for authentication, and conducted regular security audits to keep vulnerabilities at bay.


The development of Skills Share resulted in a transformative platform with a significant impact:

Userbase Growth: Skills Share experienced a rapid increase in user registrations, showcasing the platform's appeal and relevance.

Scalability: The implemented scaling solutions ensured a seamless user experience even during peak usage periods, contributing to positive user feedback and retention. The outcomes also included:

  • Cloud-based architecture handled a 10x traffic surge during their biggest live online event without a hitch.

  • Page load times were slashed by 80% during peak hours thanks to autoscaling technology.

  • Zero downtime throughout the year due to proactive maintenance and redundancy measures.

Recent Success: Skills Share has been recognized for its innovative approach to skill-sharing, receiving significant presence in various tech and education communities.

The success of Skills Share stands as Octal Digital’s (a top mobile app development company in the USA) testament to the effective utilization of technology to address challenges and deliver a valuable platform that fosters learning, collaboration, and skill development.

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