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Octal Digital’s, a leading website development company with 13+ years of expertise in website development services, took on the challenge of developing a comprehensive university management website for the University of California, Davis. This multifaceted platform was developed to streamline various university affairs, including student enrollment, job applications, study material information, notice updates, and more. The website’s goal was to serve as a central hub for students, parents, teachers, university staff, and alumni, providing a seamless experience for managing academic and campus-related activities.

uc davis - website design

Tech Stack

The development of the UC Davis website leveraged a robust and versatile tech stack, aligning with the modern demands of web development. The tech stack includes:

  • CMS: WordPress

  • Frontend: WordPress Theme Development

  • Backend: PHP

  • Database: MongoDB

  • UI/UX Design: Figma

Hosting: WordPress Hosting Providers

Challenges and Solutions

The development of the UC Davis website presented a myriad of technical challenges to our web developers in Houston, demanding a nuanced approach to create a dynamic platform harmonizing the vibrant essence of campus life with the professionalism inherent to academic affairs. The specific challenges unfolded as follows:

1. Role-Based User Interface:

  • Diverse User Roles: Crafted a responsive and modular UI using React.js, ensuring adaptability for diverse user roles, including students, parents, teachers, university staff, and alumni.

  • Balancing Dynamism and Professionalism: Utilized a combination of CSS3 and Bootstrap to strike the right balance between a dynamic, engaging interface reflective of campus life and a professional aesthetic suitable for academic affairs.

2. Dynamic Content Management:

  • Real-Time Updates: Implemented a WebSocket-based real-time notification system, enabling instant updates for notices, images, and study materials without requiring manual refresh.

  • Efficient Data Management: Leveraged MongoDB as the primary NoSQL database, optimizing queries and indexing to manage a substantial volume of dynamic data efficiently.

3. Modern and Minimalist Design:

  • Striking the Right Balance: Incorporated Material-UI components for a minimalist yet feature-rich design, aligning with contemporary design trends.

  • Aligning with Design Trends: Utilized CSS pre-processors like SASS for modular and maintainable styling, ensuring the website remains in sync with evolving design trends.


Octal Digital’s web developers in Houston  undertook a strategic and comprehensive approach, employing a spectrum of advanced technical solutions to surmount the multifaceted challenges presented by the UC Davis website development:

1. Role-Based Access Control:

  • Granular Access Management (Firebase Authentication): We implemented Firebase Authentication, leveraging its robust features to ensure secure and granular role-based access control. This not only fortified the website's security but also ensured that users accessed information strictly aligned with their designated roles.

  • Tailored User Experience (React-Router): Utilized React-Router, a powerful routing library for React, to dynamically load components based on user roles. This dynamic loading mechanism tailored the user interface, delivering a personalized and efficient experience to users based on their roles within the university community.

2. Content Management System (CMS):

  • Efficient Content Updates (Strapi): Integrated Strapi, a headless CMS, to streamline content management and real-time updates. Strapi's intuitive dashboard empowered administrators to efficiently manage diverse content types, from notices to study materials, ensuring a seamless flow of information.

  • User-Friendly Administration (React-Admin): Our team implemented React-Admin, a framework for building administration interfaces, to create a user-friendly administrative dashboard. This interface empowered administrators to effortlessly manage various content types, fostering an efficient and streamlined administrative process.

3. Responsive Design:

  • Device-Agnostic Functionality (Media Queries and Flexbox): Ensured device-agnostic functionality through the implementation of media queries and the Flexbox model. This responsive design approach guaranteed that the website functioned seamlessly across a diverse array of devices and screen sizes, offering a consistent user experience.

  • Optimal User Experience (React's Context API): Leveraged React's Context API for efficient state management. This optimization not only contributed to an optimal user experience but also ensured consistent and optimized performance across devices, irrespective of the complexity of the user interactions.

4. Scalable Architecture:

  • Leveraging MongoDB (Mongoose): Utilized Mongoose as an Object Data Modeling (ODM) tool for MongoDB, optimizing queries and enhancing the efficiency of data interactions. This strategic use of MongoDB and Mongoose played a pivotal role in managing the vast and dynamic dataset efficiently.

  • Ensuring Future Growth (Docker and Kubernetes): Employed Docker for containerization and orchestrated services using Kubernetes. This forward-looking approach ensures the architecture's scalability, allowing seamless accommodation of future expansions and increased data loads without compromising performance. The implementation of sharding further contributed to the scalability and resilience of the architecture, positioning it for sustainable growth.


  • Increased Student Enrollment: The user-friendly interface and dynamic features attracted more student engagement, contributing to increased enrollment.

  • Efficient Information Flow: Improved communication and information flow within the university community due to real-time notices and updates.

  • Positive User Experience: The modern and minimalist design, coupled with a role-based user interface, garnered positive feedback for a user-friendly experience.

In conclusion, Octal Digital, a website development company in Houston, offer technical state-of-the-art solutions to successfully addressed the complex challenges posed by the UC Davis website project, resulting in a sophisticated platform that efficiently manages university affairs and enhances the overall user experience.

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