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SEO Services Houston for Your Business

Here at Octal Digital, we take pride in providing the best Search Engine Optimization services in Houston, Los Angeles, and all the surrounding big cities. We don’t just keyword stuff your content to “trick” the engines for a day – we build solid SEO strategies meant to constantly attract visitors to your website and ensure steady, ongoing growth for your business.

Why Choose Octal Digital for SEO Services in Houston?

There is a very simple answer to that: the fact that you are here proves our SEO techniques actually work. If you are like a lot of other users who landed on our website, you most probably found us through Google or other search engines (e.g. Bing). We can do the same for your business. We can optimize your website for the search engines in a way that will push it to the front of the Search Engine Results Pages for your targeted local users. Our Process = Impeccable SEO Results Our SEO services in Houston and Los Angeles are divided into multiple sub-categories – all of which come together as one big picture: your SEO strategy.


Most people use Google Analytics for basic functions, like showing the number of visitors, or the bounce rate on specific pages. However, Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool Octal Digital has learned to master and use to the advantage of our clients. From funnels to goals and advanced metrics, we know how to deal with everything Analytics-related. And this is precisely where we will start when you hand your website to us.


Keywords are just one slice of the SEO cake – but they’re a crucial one. A proper keyword research will help us develop a winning SEO strategy for your Houston business – one that goes far beyond keyword stuffing and delves deep into competitor research, conversion rate optimization, and a general sound, modern digital marketing approach.


Building backlinks are also crucial for your SEO efforts – but this can very frequently get to be a tiresome process (and results may not always be as fruitful or fast as you may want them to be). With a professional SEO team on your side, though, you stand a MUCH better chance at winning the link building game. Here at Octal Digital, we have armed ourselves with decades of collective experience in doing this AND the right tools to move us forward – so you can definitely trust your link building campaigns in our capable hands.


Although not directly connected, Social Media and SEO are frequently intertwined and they always influence each other. That is why we have created an SEO services package that includes social media campaigns as well. We’re more than your average “Facebook addicts”, though. We’re true social media gurus that will tailor each and every social media post to your audience so that you actually improve your SEO and your conversion rate.


We put a lot of work into our SEO services – and we take pride in following every project through with heavy, clear, and constantly-updated reporting. We know exactly what metrics indicate success – and we know how to analyze those that indicate a lower performance as well. We’re ready to take responsibility for everything and make sure your website reaches its well-deserved spot in the first 5 Search Engine Results. 6. All the way back from the start SEO is never done. With new algorithm updates coming into effect all the time, and with new competitors coming into your market on a regular basis, you need to make sure your SEO is always up to date. Octal Digital can help you with that. We’re here to optimize and re-optimize your website as many times as you want us to, so that you not only WIN your place in SERPs but also MAINTAIN it! FAQ What do your Houston SEO Services include? In one word, everything you need to win the search engine game. What is local SEO? Our local SEO services focus on putting local Houston and Los Angeles businesses on the map. So, if, for example, someone is searching for “red shoes in Houston”, and you happen to sell them, our local SEO services will help you make sure you and your target audience “meet” in the Google SERPs for that particular search term. What does Social Media have to do with SEO? A lot – the more popular you are on Social Media, the more likely it is you’re getting a lot of “love” from search engines as well. How long does it take to see results? It depends a lot, and it differs from one business to another. What we promise is that you WILL see results, sooner, rather than later. And even more than that, we promise we will work to make sure your website stays King on search engines for as long as you need it to.