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Best Mobile App Development Houston -Empowering businesses through
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development company in Houston, USA.

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Octal Digital - Award-winning best mobile app development company Houston with expert mobile app developers in Houston.

A custom-designed mobile application developed by professional mobile app developers
Houston that can sky-rocket your business from zero to hero. Most of the startup businesses
have moved online because of enormous growth and potential customers. Mobile app
development Houston is one best places to start a business because of its business
friendliness, transportation, and cost of living.

Octal Digital believes in making the right product for their clients, with good design and scalability.

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Latest technologies with mobile apps
development Houston & Expert Octal Digital
app developers in Houston for innovation


In a world where there is a lot of technological invasion of privacy and online fraud. Blockchain has entered the technological era with its power of digital ledger. In which all the transactions of a person get monitored and distributed between the users of the same computer network, The privacy of blockchain is encrypted with one of the best cryptographic algorithms and hash functions called SHA-256.

Every industry from fintech to real estate requires a credible amount of security for its users in a world full of cyber-attacks. Data integrity and its security are one of the most concerned topics of every startup preparing for the upcoming future full of challenges.

Therefore, we are the only web app development company with the best Blockchain Hyper-ledger engineers who can build scalable blockchain architectures with end-to-end encryption and premium security for your startup business.

Mobile Game App
Development Houston

mobile gaming doubt huge

The future of mobile gaming is no doubt huge

The new generation of powerful mobile devices with the fastest processors and substantial gigs of ram, there is a huge increase in the mobile gaming industry with a huge audience playing the game regardless of the operating system installed in the mobile phone, our mobile game application development team has a core focus on developing applications both for android and iPhone.

Mobile gaming is also a tool where we can learn a lot of hard things

By visualizing and playing an adventurous game. Companies are now developing games to train their employees to save their companies from cyber attackers. All the mobile application companies are now moving towards developing high-end games using modern human learning methodologies for an enriching learning experience.

mobile gaming tool
enormous growth game development

Enormous growth in the game development industry

A game called PUBG, within a very short period of time, it has taken giant strides and sold 50 million copies worldwide in its first year over Xbox One and PC.

listed as one of the most prominent games of Steam beating Counter Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2. the game broke the barrier of online gaming into mobile gaming with excellent graphic models which revolutionized the gaming industry. the game starts with hundred people on a plane. Landing on an island, with no armor. that teaches the philosophy of surviving which fascinates most of the gamers and after picking up, the battle begins. the storyline of PUBG has inspired all the game engineers around the globe and is continuing to gain popularity in the world.

Mobile Application Development Agile
Life Cycle By Our App Developers In Houston


mobile app developmentss

Understanding the user requirement is one of the most important processes in mobile app development in Houston. Listening to clients’ vision, on how they see their software development in Houston growing, and then researching the best possible way to build it with good processing speed, time, and efficiency. From drawing UML diagrams to coding the first module to releasing the beta version completely depends on a good understanding of the client’s needs.

Mobile Game App Development Houston -
Platforms and Frameworks

Android App Development Houston

Our Android app developers in Houston, are one of the best android
developers with experience in writing code that is efficient
and run on most android devices. The reason android rules
the mobile app market is the ability to run on most of the
android devices available. Most of the mobile
manufacturers have started making hardware that
supports android because of its compatibility and
reliability, android is knowns as the wiser and more
profitable option for customers to hire android app developer.

android mobile app development in houston

iOS App Development Houston

We all are aware of the market dominance of Android mobile
app development agencies in Houston, but Apple, iPhone app
development in Houston has its own benefits, that lacks in iPhone and that is
the high-end security layer. Just because there are more Android
phones doesn’t define iPhone’s worth because iPhone is known to
be used by the best-paying customers and creating a mobile
application for iPhone has high ROI than any other mobile
operating system. iPhone mobile applications help companies to
earn more in a shorter period of time because of their credibility
and high-paying customers.

iphone mobile app development in houston

Cross-Platform Applications

Cross-Platform App Development in Houston Whenever we think of
Mobile App Development. We think of two operating systems.
Android and iPhone and for developing mobile applications, we
separately need to develop android and iPhone because of
different methods but Cross-Platform Development changed the
way we used to think by innovating progressive web applications
with a javascript library like React and recently a new framework
developed by Google named as Flutter. Cross-platform app
technology is revolutionizing the tech industry with its compatibility,
speed, and quality. Our App developers in Houston use the
Cross-platform most of the time to ensure the needs of customers
which reduced the development time and ready-to-upload
product to Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

cross platform applications iphone mobile app development in houston

Octal Digital, the Leaders of Houston Mobile
App Development Agency.

octal digital

Houston has now become one of the best cities to start your tech startup, because of its enormous talent and innovation, it has now become a number one choice.

As the usage and demand of mobile users have increased exponentially from last years, the demand for developing those apps has also increased. Houston has now become a home for mobile app development after San Fransisco.

One of the most influential companies have now moved to Houston including Microsoft, which is great news because of the talent and trained professionals, customers will now be able to work with one of the most innovative and talented minds.

We at Octal Digital believes in the power of innovation, and dedication which made us one of the best mob app development company in Houston. Octal Digital is offering mobile app design & development Healthcare, Multimedia, Retail, Music, Real Estate, Taxi, and eCommerce app development services in Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Katy, Pasadena, Pearland, League City, Rosenburg, Stafford, Atascocita, Humble, Tomball, Klein, Deer Park, Spring, Friendswood.

How Octal Digital
is different

Octal Digital is the fastest growing disruptive android mobile application development
company in the USA that focuses on building the next billion-dollar businesses and
startups by solving their problems with technology. We help new
entrepreneurs scale their business and achieve their goals in less time with
mentorship from the industry experts.

Our vision is not just to solve your problem, but to help you in becoming the
next big startup in town with a proper plan made by the industry experts. With
a proper plan, the growth and scalability of your startup are going nowhere
but on the road to exceptional success. We provide eCommerce solutions to
mobile application development to digital marketing solutions.
We are a focused Mobile App Development Company on a roadmap to
creating lucrative startup businesses and enterprises to discover the power of
innovation in technology, we make tailored mobile app for minimalist results
that aims to put a ding into the universe.

octal digital mobile app development


Before early 2000,

When communication was much harder and tedious. Everyone had to
make a lot of effort in communication, which was the main obstacle of
business, where people used to rely on letters and mailbox but soon
after the release of the first android phone and first iPhone, the life of
many have changed because of its features packed in a small
circuitry device called a smartphone.

Mobile applications were limited to company usage but the launch of
the mobile application development in the online store market
skyrocketed businesses all around the globe.

building the empire

2000 Houston Skyline

The Potential of Android Mobile
App Development in Houston?

potential of android mobile app development

The potential of Android is never-ending.

If you are looking for a reliable and custom Android app development agency in the USA? Our company offers top-notch Android application development and consulting, including custom android app, mobile app development and native application development services in Houston, USA. its market dominance in the smartphone industry that is growing every day and its support of App Developers in Houston. Most of the hardware manufactured by most of the hardware companies. Android as software is an open-source operating system with huge market shares which returns high investment at low cost and the use of android is accessible to people of the domain.

Android applications are used in the banking, Educational sector, gaming, and e-commerce industry. Currently, there are 2.8 billion-plus applications on Google Playstore, nearly 70% of the people buy groceries items and electronics online. Therefore it is not wrong to say that android is not going anywhere in the next 10 years because of its reliability, compatibility, and resilience.

How Flightaware is a game-changer
Aviation App

FlightAware was founded by a software engineer and a pilot Daniel
Baker in 2005. It’s currently located in the best tech areas of Houston,
which provides services to more than ten thousand aircraft operators.
One of their biggest clients are united airlines and Hawaiian airlines
and the company has also served over 12 million passengers online
with its service.

flightaware mobile all development

The Potential of iPhone
Mobile App Development
in Houston?

potential of iphone mobile app development

The potential App Developers in Houston of iPhone start with high-end triple-layer security that helps you in getting your data secure.

Apple is known to never compromise data or breach its user privacy which builds a premium among all the top celebrities, businessmen, and political leaders. While building an iPhone application, it’s already very easy to filter out the audience, where only a certain slice of the society uses the iPhone, who are tech-savvy.

The audience of the iPhone is credible, lucrative, and trustworthy which makes it the best decision to launch your mobile application for the elite category of the world, which can boost your business with very less investment.

How Walmart is Using Technology to
innovate the Retail industry

Wallmart, the retail billion-dollar company has stepped into the tech world after
acquiring jet.com and the addition of its founder Marc Lore to the executive
team. The Walmart mobile upgrade has shocked the retail industry with its
premium feature of scan and go. Customers find it useful and intrusive but still
Wallmart’s mission is to improve it every day that makes them one the best
tech-savvy retail stores.

walmart technology mobile app development

Frequently Asked Questions

The rate depends on a different factors. However, it costs $100 to $150 to hire best app developers in Houston.

The rates of app developers for hire depending on the location of the developers, ranging from 100-200$ per hour to 8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
The rates of app developers for hire depending on the location of the developers, ranging from 100-200$ per hour to 8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
The rates of app developers for hire depending on the location of the developers, ranging from 100-200$ per hour to 8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
The rates of app developers for hire depending on the location of the developers, ranging from 100-200$ per hour to 8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
The rates of app developers for hire depending on the location of the developers, ranging from 100-200$ per hour to 8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
The rates of app developers for hire depending on the location of the developers, ranging from 100-200$ per hour to 8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
The rates of app developers for hire depending on the location of the developers, ranging from 100-200$ per hour to 8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

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